Predator Athletics 2014-2015 Season Results

Predator Athletics have competed at some of the most prestigious competitions in the UK in the 2014-2015 season and have come back with some fantastic results! We always endeavour to go where there is good competition and compete against the best programmes in the country.

In the 2014-2015 season Predator Athletics are currently Coed4 Sml National Champions at ICC Nationals! Additionally Predators hold 8 regional titles and 2 Grand Championship titles this season. *Grand Champion is the highest scoring team/highest percentage of the score sheet in an age category*

European Summit 2015

Leopards Jr3: 2nd, Vipers Coed4: 2nd, Venom Sr2: 5th


FC Nationals 2015

Leopards Jr3: 3rd, Vipers Coed4: 4th, Venom Sr2: 10th


South West Varsity 2015

Huskies Yth1: 1st & Grand Champs, Cubs mini 1: 1st, Tigers Jr2: 1st, Leopards Jr3: 1st, Venom Sr2: 1st


Legacy Cheer Inspire Greatness 2015

Leopards Jr3 1st & Grand Champs, Venom sr2: 1st, Vipers coded4: 1st, Huskies Yth1: 2nd, Cubs mini1: 3rd, Tigers Jr2: 4th


ICC Nationals 2015

Vipers, Small Coed4:  National Champions!!! Vipers achieved a 3peat at ICC Nationals this season and remain undefeated at this competition since Predators opening in the 2012-2013 season.

Venom Small Sr2: 3rd, Leopards Small Jr3: 3rd, Huskies Yth1: 4th, Tigers Jr2: 8th


FC Heart Of England 2015

Leopards Jr3: 2nd, Vipers Coed4: 3rd, Venom Sr2: 5th, Huskies Yth1: 8th, Tigers Jr2: 13th, Cubs Mini1: 13th



Predator Athletics 2013-2014 Season Results

Predators hold; 2 English and 3 Welsh National titles, 3 regional titles and 4 Grand Championship Titles!

FC Nationals 2014

Leopards- 1st and Junior levels 2-4 Grandchampions, Vipers- 2nd


South West Varsity 2014

Team Grandchampions- Vipers

Groupstunt Grandchampions- Predators Junior4 GS  Jaguars


Cheer Sport Wales Nationals 2014

Cubs- 1st, Huskies- 1st, Venom- 1st


ICC Nationals 2014

Huskies- 8th, leopards- 4th, Venom- 2nd, Vipers- 1st


FC Heart of England 2014

Cubs- 6th, Huskies- 6th, Leopards- 1st, Venom- 1st

Vipers- 1st Place and GRAND CHAMPS out of all of the level 4-6 divisions!!! (Literally making history as this has never been done before! Such an achievement!)


Predator Athletics 2012-2013 Season Results

Predators hold; 2 National titles, several regional titles and 3 Grand Championship Titles.


ICC Summer Jam 2013

Vipers- 1st, Venom- 1st & Grand Champs, Leopards- 1st & Grand Champs, Huskies- 1st & Grand Champs, Cubs- 6th


FC Nationals 2013

Vipers- 5th, Leopards- 3rd


Cheer Sport Wales 2013

Venom-  1st, Huskies-  1st, Cubs- 1st


ICC Nationals 2013

Vipers-  Sml Coed 4 National Champions, Venom-  Sml Sr 2 National Champions, Leopards-  3rd, Huskies- 3rd


FC Heart of England 2013

Vipers- 3rd, Venom- 4th, Leopards- 2nd, Huskies- 3rd, Cubs- 6th